Taste This is all about comfort desserts. No frills; any good-sized spoon-will-do desserts. Soothe your metro-trampled soul desserts. In our bustling city, Taste This reminds you of a time when grandma made desserts just for you, and you know how much she loved you.


Comfort dessert number one: cheesecake on a graham cracker crust base. The Original is dense, velvety, slightly tart dessert that stands out from the ‘sweets’ pack. Graham cracker crust on the bottom changes the mouth feel so you just relax and mmm.

Green Tea

You’ll never guess this dessert is made with1/2 as much sugar as its sister flavors. And it’s friendly to our gluten-free fans. A bit of real green tea adds sophistication to this flavor and elevates it to the level of must-have for anyone.

Mocha Bourbon

A touch of Bourbon adds a sumptuous, smoky depth of flavor to this velvety comfort dessert nestled on a thick graham cracker crust. A very slightly guilty pleasure with a cheesecake soft mouth feel and a graham cracker crust.

Cookies and Cream

Here’s one great reason to crush cookies: they add just a bit of famous dark-cookie crunch to the velvety smooth cheesecake base for more mmm.


Toffee and milk chocolate bits in your cheesecake? Who’s going to turn that down. This is a party in a cheesecake cup. The candy bits and the cheesecake together make you hope there’s another one in the fridge.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chips are a classic dessert ingredient that fit perfectly in our dense, velvety, slightly tart cheesecake base. Bits of chips warm up in your mouth and the flavor contrasts make the cheesecake seem deeper and sweeter.


Say ‘mango’ and it’s vacation time. Mango cheesecake is a dessert holiday any time you dip your spoon in. You’re away, or at least you took off your shoes under the table and nobody knows to scold you. We need more mango in our lives.


Blueberries taste like deep, rich summertime freshness - both sweet and tart, like a really good cheesecake. This delicate flavor sends the cheesecake into a roll of summer melody. And it’s a very pretty color!

We love bright, summery fruit flavors that complement our cheesecake. Strawberry became an instant favorite - its bits of real fruit contrast beautifully with the smooth texture of the cheesecake.

Our gourmet New York Cheesecake gives the classic dessert a decadent upgrade. Delicate flavors of fresh cream, sugar, and a hint of lemon balance the velvety richness for a simply sophisticated experience. Amazing to devour on its own or with your favorite toppings.